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The Real Truth About Eating Disorders…

This morning I read an article by Erin Joy Henry in the Huffington Post about eating disorders. I think it is a great article about the superiority and glamorization that can occur within ED pro-ana/pro-mia popularity circles, as well as the realities about the physical, psychological, and emotional demise that ultimately transpires as EDs progress.

I can identify with the article in that many years ago, I, too, used to speak with other active EDs about my manipulations with food and weight. We used to be so proud of our secretive (or not so secretive) behavior, trying to feel like we were superior in some way—to make up for the huge sense of inferiority we actually felt. A tinge of sadness came from that article—thinking about the decades lost to food, weight, and body image obsession in my personal life prior to recovery.

But also thinking about women (and men) who are currently in the grips of this deadly disease. Erin Joy Henry makes the reality clear about eating disorders, which is such an important point to stress. From exacerbated depression to cardiac arrest to kidney failure to death, Mr. Henry does not spare readers the grim reality that occurs with continued symptom use.

If anyone is struggling with denial about the severity of eating disorders, I hope this article will be helpful!